Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Homemade Kegerator

    So, I decided to build a kegerator after I saw how easy it was to keg beer.  Thus began the long journey of an OCD Chemist who likes to research things before he jumps into construction.  I spent about 3 weeks researching parts, designs, etc. about the kegerator.  After all the parts came in, it took about 3-1/2 days to complete the construction (with the help of my wife Anne and son Julian of course).  It came together very nicely, and once I add some bells and whistles, I think it will be perfect!
    I am including a bunch of pictures as sort of a photo journal for those who want to see how the kegerator was made, and for those who may want to make one on their own.  If you have any questions (on construction issues or where I got some of the parts) feel free to post them in the blog and I'll get back with you as soon as I can. Enjoy!

Parts List
  • Danby DAR440BL Refrigerator
  • Stainless Dual Tap Draft Tower with Two Perlick 575SS Stainless Creamer Faucets 
  • Surface Mount Drip Tray for 3" Column Cut-Out
  • CO2 Beer Regulator, Dual Body, Three Gauge, Taprite Brand  (1/4" Barb)
  • 5 lb. CO2 Cylinder
  • Gas Line Assembly 5/16" – Pin Lock
  • Disconnect Out (Liquid), Barbed End
  • Aluminum Foil Tape
  • White Silicone Caulk
  • 1-1/4" Fiberglass Reinforced Cut-off Wheels – Dremel
  • Milwaukee 2–1/2" Bi–Metal Hole Saw
  • Milwaukee Pilot Drill Bit
  • Hardwood Flooring for Tower Mount
  • Gas Line Mount (from inside fridge to CO2 tank)
    • 5/16" Barb to 1/4" MIP
    • 1/4" FIP Coupler
    • 1/2" Steel Washer
    • Rubber Washers – Handmade from Rubber Gasket Sheet
    • 1/4" Pipe Nipple (3" Long)
    • Rubber Hose Washer
    • 1/4" Female to Female Elbow
    • 1/4" Pipe Nipple (4" Long)
    •  1/4" FIP Coupler
    •  5/16" Barb to 1/4" MIP
01_New Danby DAR440BL Fridge

02_Shelves Removed

03_Door Removed

04_Seal Removed From Door

05_Shelving Grooves Inside Fridge

06_Groove Removed to Fit 2 Kegs

07_Starting to Remove Shelve Units on Door

08_More Removal

09_Removal of All but Top Corner

10_Door Shelves All Removed

11_Door Unit Sanded Down

12_Covering Insulation with Aluminum Foil Tape

13_Break Time with a Refreshing Beer

14_Door Unit Done (I left the top corner intact so the light inside the fridge can still turn off and on.)

15_Gas Hoses & Beer Couplers

16_Drilled Holes on Bulk Head for Gas Lines

17_Anne Filing Down Metal with Dremel

18_Pipe Fittings at Back of Fridge

19_Starting to Make Homemade Rubber Washers

20_Homemade Washers Complete

21_Rubber Washers, Steel Washers, and Metal Pipe for Gas Lines

22_Complete Gas Hardware Inside Fridge

23_Gas Hardware

24_Anne Connecting Gas Lines to Fridge

25_Gas Lines Connected

26_Completed Gas Lines

27_Top of Fridge with Light Box & Back Marked Out

28_X Marks the Spot for Tower

29_Starting to Drill Hole

30_Hole Begun

31_Metal Top Removed

32_All the Way Through

33_Hole for the Tower

34_Completed Hole for the Beer Tower

35_Silicone Caulk to Waterproof the Hole

36_Completed Caulking

37_Aluminum Foil Tape on Inside Fridge

38_After Caulk Dried Overnight

39_Aluminum Foil Tape for Hole

40_Aluminum Foil Tape Inside Fridge

41_Beer Tower Placed

42_Mapping out Light Box from Inside Fridge

43_Tracing of Light Box onto Wood Flooring

44_Julian Helping Saw Mounting Hardware for Tower

45_Bottom of Mounting Hardware

46_Hole Marks for Drilling Hole

47_Getting Ready to Drill Hole for Mounting Hardware

48_Hole Complete in Mounting Hardware

49_Lining Up Tower for Bolt Holes

50_Holes Complete

51_Holes for the Bolts to Connect Tower

52_Tower Placed & Ready to Mount

53_Inside the Fridge Showing Tower Mounted

54_Mount Reinforced with Aluminum Foil Tape

55_Tower with Taps

56_Anne's Completed Tubing for CO2 Tank

57_1st Beer Poured from New Kegerator

58_Adjusting the CO2 Pressure

59_2nd Pour

60_Completed Kegerator

61_Homemade Kegerator with Imperial White Ale on Tap