Sunday, June 16, 2013

Batch #13 / #14 - Imperialis Albus Cervisie

Batches #13 & #14. These batches were done for the purpose of Blend of the Bayou event on May 5th, 2013 (see pics below).  The first batch was made to see how the recipe would work for the event.  I gave out many bottles to get as many opinions as I could to make sure that the brew would be a success.  After many positive reviews, I made the 2nd batch with some very minor alterations.  Richard was nice enough to help me keg the beer for the event (I now see how easy kegging can be - this led me to an idea for a summer project).  The event was a success with many people giving good praise to the beer.  In my opinion, the batches were great.  They had a great flavor profile with all the ingredients mellowing nicely together over time (I wish there was more time for the batch to age for the event to get a better taste, but it was still good).
Tasting food and beers before the crowds arrive.
Karari & Erik
Table for the brews.

Bryan, Karari, & Erik

Fort Miro Brewmasters

Style: Extract Brew
Sub-Style: Belgian Witbier (Imperial White Ale) (16 A)
Malts: Unmalted Wheat
            Pilsner Malt (Rahr)
            Flaked Oats
Malt Extract: Wheat Liquid Malt Extract
                        Munich Liquid Malt Extract 
Hops: Bittering - Simcoe         
           Flavoring - Simcoe
           Aroma -none
Other Additives: Navel orange zest, grapefruit zest, clementine zest, bitter orange peel, crushed coriander, crushed grains of paradise, dried Chamomile flowers
Yeast: Wyeast - Belgium Wit 3944 Activator 
Clarifying Ingredients: Irish Moss - 1 teaspoon
Number of Bottles: 47 (12 oz. bottles) (Batch #13) & one 5 gallon keg (Batch #14)
Original Gravity: 1.066 (76°F)
Final Gravity: 1.015 (70°F)
Percent Alcohol: 6.7% by Volume
Comments: I really liked the way this came out.  I do think it gets better with time and aging.  The citrus is balanced nicely with the chamomile and the coriander. The malts and hops are mellow as well.  A great beer for a warm to hot day.  
                    Testing Date: To be continued......
                    Aroma:  out of 12
                    Appearance:  out of 3
                    Flavor:  out of 20
                    Mouthfeel:  out of 5
                    Overall Impression:  out of 10
                    Total:  out of 50

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