Sunday, October 28, 2012

Batch #5 - Amber Ale

 Batch #5. Another extract based brew. This batch was Andy's recipe he came up with to try to make an Amber Ale. The only thing Andy was upset about was forgetting to order some Carmel malt which he thought may make the color more "amber".

Style: Extract Brew
Sub-Style: Amber Ale (10 B)
Malts: 2-Row Malt
            Crystal Malt (75 L)
            Crystal Malt (60 L)
            Acid Malt
            Aromatic Malt
            Biscuit Malt
Malt Extract: Extra Pale Extract
Hops: Bittering - Cascade & Galena
           Flavoring - Galena & Cascade
           Aroma - Cascade & Willamette
Other Additives: BrewVint Yeast Fuel
Yeast: Wyeast - Northwest Ale 1332 Activator
Clarifying Ingredients: Irish Moss - 1 teaspoon
Number of Bottles: 47 (12 oz. bottles)
Original Gravity: 1.053 (73°F)
Final Gravity: 1.014 (72°F)
Percent Alcohol: 5.14% by Volume
Comments: Overall we all liked this brew. Taste was great with great flavors coming through.  Andy is hoping to improve on the color and maltiness next time it's brewed with maybe some Carared Malts.
                     Testing Date: 1/3/13
                    Aroma: 6 out of 12
                    Appearance: 3 out of 3
                    Flavor: 16 out of 20
                    Mouthfeel: 5 out of 5
                    Overall Impression: 8 out of 10
                    Total: 38 out of 50

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