Monday, January 21, 2013

Batch #10 - White House Honey Porter

Batch #10. This was done with the recipe from the White House.  The chefs at the White House starting brewing beer a while ago, and they finally (after a lot of pressure) released the recipe.  Since we could not get our hands on any of Michelle Obama's honey from her garden, we used some from a local apiarist in Sterlington, LA.   

Style: Extract Brew
Sub-Style: Porter (12 A)
Malts: Munich Malt
            Crystal Malt (20 L)
            Black Patent Malt
            Chocolate Malt
Malt Extract: Extra Pale Malt Extract
Hops: Bittering - Cluster         
           Flavoring - Cluster
           Aroma - Hallertau
Other Additives: Tommy's Apiaries Honey (Sterlington, LA)
Yeast: Danstar Nottingham Ale Yeast (dry)
Clarifying Ingredients: Irish Moss - 1 teaspoon
Number of Bottles: 51 (12 oz. bottles)
Original Gravity: 1.064 (80°F)
Final Gravity: 1.018 (68°F)
Percent Alcohol: 6.3% by Volume
Comments: This one came out good.  The only complaint that we all had was that the honey dominated too much of the flavor profile on the back end.  The porter flavor was good, but it was a tad too sweet.
                    Testing Date: 1/3/13
                    Aroma: 8.5 out of 12
                    Appearance: 3 out of 3
                    Flavor: 12 out of 20
                    Mouthfeel: 2.5 out of 5
                    Overall Impression: 6 out of 10
                    Total: 31.5 out of 50

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